Pipeline Services

If the debris or unnecessary components are left unchecked they will internal deposits & build up on the walls of the pipeline & will severely restrict the flow. These deposits can further be the most complex removal and mitigation factor.
A planned cleaning programme for pipelines can prevent the build-up of debris or deposits and thereby help ensure continuous product flow throughout.

Why Synertek

At Synertek we have a great knowledge and experience in pre-commissioning and commissioning of various projects worldwide gaining invaluable experience in managing these projects.
We perform extensive research to find the most effective chemical treatments for pipeline applications. Pipeline cleaning is necessary and required for numerous reasons including

  • De-commissioning
  • High corrosion rates due to deposits
  • Loss of operating efficiency
  • Pre-inspection with in line intelligent tools
  • Pre-cleaning for hydro testing

A systematic approach is required to design a cleaning program that may include mechanical chemical and gel applications. Deposit analysis is critical to the successful choice of a program based upon performance requirements.

  • System Analysis
  • Evaluate Deposits
  • Specify Cleaning Goal
  • Select and Design Cleaning System
  • Execute Clean
  • Evaluate Success
  • Deposit Analysis

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