Oil Flushing Services

Oil Flushing Services

Remove harmful contaminants and keep your new rotating and hydraulic equipment operating at peak performance; significantly reducing the potential for premature failure.

A newly constructed system or the one that is already in use requires flushing after breakdown, repair or time-based maintenance to remove debris such as scales, rust, sand & dirt by filtration of lubrication oil.

Different methods & techniques are deployed for when and how to perform oil flushing, depending upon practical limitations and overall requirements of individual machines.

A well-planned and well-performed flushing activity offers considerable return on investment. For the client who has credible maintenance records & demands no tolerance for untimely equipment failure. A routine filtration and high velocity/hot oil flushing services are a critical part of preventive maintenance of all rotational equipment.

The most important parameters in flushing are Flow Velocity and Temperature.

Flow Velocity

When flushing, it should be noted that a turbulent flow regime is necessary in each section of the sub-system. The flow rate must therefore be calculated on the area giving the lowest Reynolds Number. Flushing will not be successful when flow is predominantly in the laminar region. For pipes when Reynolds Number is less than 2000 the flow is laminar and above 4000 it is turbulent, the intermediate values indicate transitional flow.


Temperature is another important factor to consider during oil flushing operations, the temperature should be kept as high as it is practicable. The fluid temperature should not exceed 60°C if it is to be reused; a higher temperature may be used if the oil is to be dumped. It is important that any change in viscosity due to temperature is substituted into any calculations.

Why Synertek

At Synertek we have a great knowledge and experience in the area of oil flushing, offering valuable guidance before, during, and after flushing. UniSol engineered hot oil flushing unit controls flushing fluids flow, viscosity and pressure ratings minimizes the time required to achieve oil flushing cleanliness criteria.

The above parameters are of course just few examples that need attention when performing a successful flushing. At UniSol we plan all jobs carefully to ensure that the best result possible is obtained, our focus is on being efficient and safe.

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