Chemical Cleaning Services

Chemical cleaning is usually performed on process piping and equipment to remove deposits like scale, loose rust, waxes, paraffin, oils, dirt or any other foreign materials that could result in operating and maintenance problems. A newly built or operational plant requires chemical cleaning to remove all the rust to enhance the operation and heat transfer and to avoid any further corrosion in plant.

Why Synertek

Synertek offers a wide range of chemical cleaning services for pipeline and process systems. Our team of highly experienced engineers will find a custom solution to suit your system requirements. It is imperative to seek professional advice and assistance when considering chemical cleaning work as wrong chemistry & incomplete knowledge can lead to irreversible damage to the system & environment. We have the specialized equipment, experienced & knowledgeable personnel to carry out this activity.

  • Applications
  • Refineries
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • FPSO and offshore platforms
  • Terminals
  • Chemical cleaning can be either operational or post operational
  • Below are the various Methods of System Cleaning where we can help our client:
  • Traditional Cleaning
  • Application of Acids, Surfactants and Heated Fluid Treatments
  • High Pressure Water Jetting
  • Internal Pipe-wall and Vessel Cleaning using H.P. Water
  • Specialist Process Cleaning Techniques
  • Application of Specialist Treatments
  • Foam Pigging Techniques
  • Preservation and Passivation
  • Preventing Rust Formulation after Cleaning
  • Flushing and Blowing of Pipe-work
  • High Velocity Air or Inert Gas Blowing
  • High Speed Flushing
  • Steam Blowing
  • Further to that, the type & quantity of chemical(s), contact period with the system and overall procedure will be determined on case to case basis and will differ from one system to another. The method of treatment chosen will be based on system metallurgy, design & operating conditions, extent of contamination & compatibility of chemicals, end users requirements, cost & HSE issues.

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